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I have always wanted to do something to make the workplaces of America safer, which is why I started learning more and more about manufacturing and industrial practices. I started focusing on doing what I could to go through and make factories safer for the loyal employees who worked there, and it was a really rewarding job. I decided to make this blog all about manufacturing in safer ways, so that other people could learn some of the tricks that have saved industrial workers from serious accidents. Check out this blog for great information that could help you and your family.


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Telltale Indicators That It's Time To Replace Your Steam-Powered Commercial Boiler System

Whether your industrial boiler is used to power the equipment in your facility or to provide heat and hot water, this one component provides an immeasurable amount of function to your commercial business. One of the reasons boiler systems are most often used in industrial settings is they are built for longevity and reliability. However, eventually, these boiler systems can have problems and they do have a limited lifespan. If you have a steam-powered boiler system in your industrial business, there are a few signs that can tell you that the time to replace the system is drawing near:

Your steam-powered boiler system has issues during safety inspections. 

A steam-powered boiler system is basically a high-pressure vessel that uses the power of heat and steam to produce the needed functions. Because pressurized systems pose a safety risk when they are not well-maintained, your boiler will have to be inspected regularly for safety issues. If problems come up during inspections on a regular basis that have to be repaired, you may be facing an all-out system replacement soon. Some of the reasons for safety inspection failure of a steam-powered boiler can be things like:

  • Operating temperatures that are too high
  • Improper fuel and air flow 
  • Constant tripping of safety switches

If any of these issues are present, it means the system is not properly functioning and can usually relate to normal deterioration of the system and its working components. The more consistent these safety issues become, the closer the boiler is getting to the end of its life. 

Your steam-powered boiler system is not cost-efficient to operate. 

For outdated steam boilers, operating costs can play a huge role in when you decide the system needs to be replaced. While many outdated boiler systems may function well, many were not designed with operational cost efficiency in mind for the modern age. For example, if you have a gas-powered steam boiler, your gas usage for operation can far exceed the costs that would be associated with operating a more modern system that relied on electricity to function. This can make investing in a new boiler a wise business move.

Replacing an industrial boiler system can be a major investment in your business, but one that is well worth the positive outcomes in the end. If you need help with your steam-powered boiler system, contact a boiler repair professional like those at Schweitzer Roger & Sons for help with finding a replacement.