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I have always wanted to do something to make the workplaces of America safer, which is why I started learning more and more about manufacturing and industrial practices. I started focusing on doing what I could to go through and make factories safer for the loyal employees who worked there, and it was a really rewarding job. I decided to make this blog all about manufacturing in safer ways, so that other people could learn some of the tricks that have saved industrial workers from serious accidents. Check out this blog for great information that could help you and your family.

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Sourcing Salvaged Wood

It is becoming increasingly more popular for new construction projects to incorporate reclaimed or salvaged wood into their design. Using salvaged lumber helps to reduce the volume of new wood required to complete a construction project, allowing for a reduction in logging pressure and the environmental damage that can be associated with excessive logging.

Sourcing salvaged wood doesn't have to be difficult. Here are three simple places a demolition company can look when trying to find reclaimed wood for your upcoming construction project.

1. Look for rural demolitions.

Many of the old houses and outbuildings constructed in rural areas were made completely out of wood. As these older buildings become dilapidated and obsolete, landowners often choose to have them demolished in order to make way for more modern buildings.

A demolition company can easily work with a rural landowner to source some salvage lumber for your new construction project. Be sure that you determine how much lumber you will need, then try to find a rural demolition project that can supply the right volume. This ensures that the salvage wood used in your new construction will be uniformly aged. 

2. Look for boats being taken out of commission.

A lot of older boats were constructed using wood products. When it's time to retire these wooden boats, the owner may be willing to let a demolition company to demolish the vessel in order to allow you to salvage the wood for your new construction project.

The reclaimed lumber that comes from boats has a unique appearance due to constant exposure to the salt found in both the sea and in the air near the oceans. Investing in salvage wood from an old boat can be a great way to incorporate a unique aesthetic into the design of your new construction.

3. Ask about construction overages.

Construction companies typically use wood products in a variety of ways. A lot of the wood that is used during the construction process can only be used once, then it is discarded.

The sheets used to form concrete are a great example of wood products that can be salvaged from construction companies and given new life in your project's design. Your demolition company can also ask a construction company about any overages they purchased, since this could be a great way to pick up lumber for cheap.

Once you are able to identify some simple ways a demolition company can source your salvage lumber, it becomes easy to incorporate this secondhand wood into the design of your new construction projects in the future.

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